What are the secrets of a long-lasting relationship?(a good one of course..)

September 23, 2008 8:30am CST
my boyfriend and i will be celebrating our first year anniversary.. i really feel that he is the one.. can you give me tips on how to maintain our good realtionship.. i would like to hear the sides of men and women.. how can i keep my price charming for life..
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• Philippines
27 Sep 08
Wow! Congratulations! I really don't have an advice to give you, silly me, LOL! I just dropped by to give you my congratulations and wich of more happiness with your bf. I love being single and I haven't been steady with a guy, I enjoy friendship and I am determine to enter this kind of relationship only when I find my ideal man. I sincerely hope you already do... Happy mylotting!
@eicachei (17)
• Philippines
26 Sep 08
hey!!! well.. just wanted to share things about your topic here.... in my own points of view, the first thing you must do is... don't be too sure that he is the one for you. remember there are still possibilities that may happen, we don't know. you and your boyfriend will be celebrating your 1 year anniv? congrats for that coz now a days it only takes months or less. never ever count on how many years you've been together it's because it doesn't matter how many years you've been, or months whats the most important thing is today or the future happen. PLuss added to that my friend learn to love yourself first before loving too much, you know what i mean right!!! if you apply this you will be confident enough. this are a good tips that i will give you: 1. you must love yourself and respect yourself first 2. don't be too nugger this will be one cause of break ups 3. don't be too doubtful to your boyfriend 4. trust one another 5. communicate each other from time to time 6. have time for each other 7. don't be too serious, having a good sense of humor may help to make a lasting relationship. 8. don't expect anything. as much as possible....go with the flow 9. be faithful and remain loyal. 10. sharing thoughts and ideas and secrets is a plus factor. REmember the bible says: "LOVE IS PATIENT AND KIND, LOVE ISN'T JEALOUS, IT DOES NOT PUT ON AIRS. IT IS NOT SNUBISH LOVE IS NEVER RUDE. IT IS NOT SELF SEEKING. IT IS NOT PRONE TO ANGER. NEITHER DOES NOT REJOICE IN WHAT IS WRONG BUT REJOICES WITH THE TRUTH. THERE IS NO LIMIT TO LOVES FORBEARANCE TO IT'S TRUST IT'S HOPE IT'S POWER TO ENJURE" God Speed.... cachei
24 Sep 08
Its great having been together for a year. My boyfriend and I will be celebrating 1 yr and 6 months together. If you trust them and are honest with them, and are loving and understanding then you will have no problem. Mel x
• Malaysia
24 Sep 08
*Understanding *Respect *No lies *Trust *Love this what I can think for the momment.haha..
• India
23 Sep 08
When you are his girl friend and not married still then you will be really enjoying your life...because you and him both will be happy with each other...but after marriage there comes the real life...so dont expect too much...and for longlasting relationship you should trust each other, have faith, have patience and live life for each other...
• United States
23 Sep 08
Well, first of all you have to realize that he's not a prince charming. He's human with flaws, faults and things that will p!ss you off from time to time. You have to learn and accept these for what they are. And of course, communication, honesty and trust. You have to talk to him about everything. If something bothers you, tell him, talk to him, don't just ignore it and assume that it'll go away or that you have no right to be bothered by it. And encourage him to do the same. Without communication there is no growth, if there is no growth, it won't last.
23 Sep 08
RESPECT,LOVE,TRUST there are the things that both of you should consider in your relationship..