pit bull lovers

September 23, 2008 10:37am CST
Just wondering how many people out there own a pit bull. I do, and she is going into her 14th year with us. She is pure white and considered albino. She has the pink pigments in and around her eyes but her eyes are greeny gold not pink. She has been the best damn dog I have ever owned. You could not find a more affectionate, loyal, smart or loving dog than her. And she is quite spry for her old age. You will not find an aggressive bone in her body. She loves my two girls and has since the day we brought them home. She even loves our newest addition to the family, a cat we adopted. They play and sleep together all the time. I know there is alot of controversy out there about this breed of dog. But for just as much bad news you here, there is also alot of good as well. Sadly to say they are banned here in Ontario, and once she is no longer with us we will not be able to get another one. (legally anyways...lol). I love Xena to death and would definitley reccommend owning one. To all you pit bull owners out there I hope you have the same love and feelings for your dog as I do mine!
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@kg4bah (78)
• United States
30 Dec 08
4 months and no one has answered your question? Anyhow, I have a pit bull, his name is Copper and he is a very loyal dog. He is one of the most friendliest dogs I have ever had. I have always loved pit bulls and I believe they deserve a chance. However, with all this media crap going around, they're trying to end that chance that pit bulls should have. Pit bulls don't do anything wrong, it's those careless humans who teach their dogs wrong. Pit bulls will go out of their way just to help you and obey your rules. There are many heros out there that are pit bulls, many pits have saved children and fought in wars. Does Stubby in WWI ring a bell? I know this BSL crap sucks and it is rediculous. Why don't we ban humans? A huge percentage of human life is sitting in prison cells RIGHT NOW as we speak simply because they murdered children, raped women, robbed banks, bombed a building and killed tons of people both men, women and children. Humans weren't taught to kill, they taught themselves! That's my opinion~ ~Melanie