blogs on mylot?

United States
September 23, 2008 11:22am CST
Ok, so what I get from blogs on mylot is that it is not technically a blog ON mylot. It's your personal blog that you have somewhere else, that you submit to mylot and if they approve it, I am guessing they give you some kind of feed to it on mylot this the case? I messaged mylot to see if I can start a recipe interest where ppl can just post recipes they use, and you kind of can, but not really. My blog is mostly about recipes that I find come across on the net, books, mags, or ppl share with me...also some freebies and craft projects I stumble across, things like that. What I am wondering, if I submit it to mylot and it is not approved, is there any kind of penalty for that? Like will I lose standing or money or something like that? Has anyone ever submitted a blog and been turned down?
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@paid2write (5202)
24 Sep 08
MyLot will only accept blogs that have been going for at least a few months and that have been posted on often. You would get rejected if your blog does not meet those requirements. I think you could try submitting it again at a later date, if it was not accepted the first time. If a blog is not accepted, for whatever reason, there is no problem that I know of. I have not tried yet, but when my new blog is old enough I will submit it to myLot.
@richiem (3646)
• Philippines
24 Sep 08
I have submitted a blog at myLot and has been pending since. And I don't suffer any consequences. So don't worry, just submit it. There would be no penalty if they would disapprove it. Have a nice day!