do you believe in magic?

September 23, 2008 12:35pm CST
Do you believe in magic? and yes i am talking about spells and the power of the mind and potions and stuff, i do, do you? have you ever practised magic? or do you think its just a load of rubbish?
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@Metalchick (1387)
23 Sep 08
To a point I do believe although I do remain sceptical as most would do on some ideas. I find the whole idea of being able to use spells and the power of the mind very awe inspiring. Remember as a kid I dabbled at making love potions and good luck charms so I can see how this topic intrigues the world and is definately a topic worth talking about. Although sometimes I do wonder how much magic is actually an illusion! Do some potions actually work or does it act just as a placebo? I once had my future read with the use of tarot cards. It was carried out by a fellow classmate of mine and I honestly thought at the time it's all just a hoax. But what he mentioned later on did come true. He'd been studying it for a while and was really into this in a big way. He'd carried his readings out on a few people so I thought what the heck i'd have a go. Experiencing this did convert me to believing a little more but I will remain sceptical with other areas until they've have been proved to me also.