Teen Pregnancy

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September 23, 2008 2:40pm CST
Do you think pressure in today's society on teen's is the cause for the rise in teen pregnancy or do you think it just hormones over logic? I have first hand experience at teen pregnancy I had my first child when I was sixteen with my husband we didn't get married till I was eighteen though had to wait for that. It was my first time ever doing anything so I don't look down on myself for it and I have a wonderful son. But, I always welcome others thoughts I remember it was not pressure of society it was hormones over logic. I do think though that the pressure's of society have gotten worse exspecially on how a young girl should look but the role model's on television now days aren't that great. What is everyone thoughts on this?
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23 Sep 08
hi there i think their are many different reasons for tenn pregnancies sometimes they are mistakes other times they may be planned I personally have nothing against some teenage mothers, their are pleanty of teen mums out there who are fantastic parents and care for the children very well , there are on the other hand terrible parents, but then again saying that there are also terrible parents in their 30's. i do think tho that sometimes children do waste a lot of their lives by becoming pregnant at such a young age, they often miss out on a lot of things.
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23 Sep 08
I agree with you when you have kids young you do miss out on alot you gain alot also though. It takes a special kind of person. Thanks for your thoughts :)