which one you chose, father or mother?

September 23, 2008 2:45pm CST
Okay.. i have a friend, she gonna have her parents divorce. It's a very bad options when she has to choose which one she want to live with.. if u were her, what u would choose and what is ur reason? if i were here, i'd live with mother. Coz i know she neds more attention than my father
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• India
23 Sep 08
see first of all the condition which your freind is facing its really an terrible condition bcause if you asked to choos one fromm two best things then too wit some difficulty you can chooose but if you are asked to choose from the one who has given life to you then its become difficult for us to choose. now we come to this topic as an general case you can see thatmore affection is provided by mother you are close to your mother and in case of your father he is going to marry a new woman and you love and affectionate that you reqired , that case it depend that wether comming lady wii accept you or not and if she accept you then you are very lucky because generally it doesnt happen and father is in job so not able to give the love and affectionate that are required so as a result you are not able to get love from nowhere and you are left alone but in mother case at least your mother is there every time wtih you and you can share anything with her. now here another case arrive that who loves you the most your father or your mother so in that case you have to select a person that loves you most,then you need not to think anything other because the person who loves you the most will take care of you at anycost
23 Sep 08
well i would choose my mother as i didnt gorw up with my biological father adn my step dad was a monster so the decision would be easy for me altho saying that it is not a nice situation for any child to be in and i dont think it would be an easy dicison