San Andreas better than GTA IV??

Grand Theft Auto - Not the game of the year.
@dookie03 (578)
United States
September 23, 2008 2:56pm CST
Truthfully i just got done beating GTA IV story line at 83.75% and am kind of disappointed. I was hoping that the story line would have been like ten times longer like San Andreas was. San Andreas's story line was longer and the missions were much harder than IV. Maybe after GTA for the last 6 years you kind of get good at it but i truly think San Andreas was much harder than GTA IV. What do you think?
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• United States
24 Sep 08
I do remember a few missions in San Andreas being considerably harder than the missions in Grand Theft Auto IV. The nightmare of the mission where you had to destroy the vans with Zero's RC plane comes to mind. But at the same time, I think GTA IV suffered a lot from the hype. The fact that it got delayed several months didn't help either. What I mean is that people were expecting so much from the game, even moreso with the several month delay, and hyped the game up so much in their mind that there was no way it could have lived up to people's expectations. Honestly, I believe that was part of the problem. But again, yeah, the a lot of the missions were fairly easy.
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• Hong Kong
7 Oct 08
I agreed with you that GTA 4 suffered from hype. They try to make everything in more detail and more realistic but this sacrifices amazing stuff like flying a plane and jump from it with parachute and so on. The map is not as big as that one in SA due to many factors like the DVD size. However, I do not think GTA4 is a bad game, it gives player a more realistic experience, while that in GTA SA is more fun. So, it depends on what kind of experience you prefer.
@rapraptor (120)
• Romania
2 Nov 08
NO... absolutly not...san andreas its to old to be better than gta 4 that will be released i december 2008...the graphics on gta 4 is amazing thats why san andreas can not be better than Gta 4 sry for my bad english
@shalk_man (189)
• Morocco
20 Oct 08
i think that san andreas is better than vice city because we find some very good things in san andreas like a missions that it is longer and difficult to complete them !! and the san andreas is more sophisticated than vice city and gta 3 .... but the liberty city game is more gooooooooood than san andreas !!
• Belgium
12 Oct 08
man i totally agree with you that gtaiv was totally overated i mean i complete it awhile ago and i was like what the hell was that i mean i liked it but something was missing i think it was all the cool things you could do in sanandreas