Has anyone ever been treated unfairly by yahoo or any other email/gaming sites?

United States
September 23, 2008 5:31pm CST
About three weeks ago i was playing one of my favorite games, canasta. Yahoo seemed to be either having problems with their rooms or was doing some updates. No one was able to view stats without going into their profiles. The rooms lagged and people were not getting ratings on games played. I was trying to open a new table. After placing the appropriate checks i clicked done. But, nothing. So i did it again, and still nothing. Being the patient person i am i did it a few more times. I really thought it was my computer locking up. Then boom i get an error message from yahoo. It stated something like i should quit some rooms before opening another. What rooms? I wasnt in any? That was the problem. Just as quickly it booted me out of the room. So i rebooted my computer and signed back in. I tried to get back to the room i was playing in and guess what? I couldnt. Why? because i was receiving a message from yahoo that i was banned until the year twenty twenty. What! That is crazy. So i began to email yahoo. First i get a form letter from them for thanking be for reporting abuse. I wrote back, i wasnt reporting abuse i was abused. After a few of these and not seeming to get a real person i got a letter telling me that i should be, basically, lucky they didnt shut my email and id gone. Strip me of my identity. I have had this email for as long as i can remember. There is so much stuff stored in there. Photos, family tree info, address, phone etc. Not to mention that it is a contact email for my state liscense, volunteer agencies , get the picture. Almost my entire life in there. So before continuing to email and complain i had to spend 6 1/2 hours cleaning out my email account. PHEW! they are causing me a headache. Well i have continuted to emai them and still am getting their be lucky form email back. Has anyone had a similiar problem? How did you handle it? Any tricks of the trade? I have decided though i am no more than a mere spec of dust i am going to file a complaing with the FTC and anywhere else i can find a place to post.
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