my husband has a question

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September 23, 2008 5:56pm CST
Why do you cough when you clean your ears. I noticed that my left ear makes me cough when I stick a Q Tip in it. My right one is alright. I don't do it often, because it's not too good for you to stick foreign objects in your orafices. Well most of them hee hee. My husband uses Q tips every night after his shower. I don't care if he goes deaf. I warned him before and I don't care anymore . But that was a good question he asked me, so I thought I'd ask you. Does anyone know why? Like what that ear is connected to that makes your cough reflex go?
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@heaven11 (1159)
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8 Oct 08
Hi wildspirit722 I too have always wondered this and never really thought to ask or research so I have did a bit of research it will be short because I cant copy and paste but I believe it will help us all to understand the matter futher: Two cranial nerves supply senesation to the oral cavitiy,thorat,larynex,and trachea,as well as to the external ear canal. When a qtip is inserted it stimulates these nerves, causing a discharge of signals to the brian. The nerves are not completly seperated so the brain senses an irration in the throat triggering the cough reflex. This same assocation of nerve impulses cause many to believe the have an ear infection or soar thorat when in reality they are infection free. This I have researched if Iam wrong pleas correct me
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8 Oct 08
That was the best answer I got yet and common sense told me that the left ear is most likely connected to the cough reflex, but your explanation answered it lots more clearly. I understand it all very well now. I'll tell my husband when he home from work ha. Thank you so much for the research. You should win a best response for this one. Have a great holiday season, Carrie
@fwidman (11515)
• United States
23 Sep 08
I know that the ear and the throat are connected, but I don't know why you would cough when you are cleaning you ear with a Q-tip. I clean mine from time to time and have yet to cough from that. Strange.
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23 Sep 08
That's weird that you don't. Everyone that I talked to so far said they do. No one knows why. Well that's good you don't because it is so annoying. So I guess it might have something to do with the throat, thanks for your response I'lll keep looking into it. For my husband ha ha. I really don't think it's that important to know actually, but he does ha ha Thanks
• China
26 Sep 08
Hi, I am not a doctor,but I known the ear and the throat is connected.You'd better to see the doctor!Good luck!
@deathvans (301)
• Philippines
25 Sep 08
Hmmmnn.. maybe that's his habit, Since when he starts coughing when he clean his ears? Or maybe he has some kind of weirdo thing, that when he clean his ears, he usually cough? I suggest, to not try cleaning his ears, of course, you said it awhile ago, that you don't even care even his depth, so, it's the same as not cleaning his dirty ears.. Hehe.. Well, have a nice day, Happy MyLotting.. ^_^