the people we meet.....

September 23, 2008 6:25pm CST
so what kinds of people do you meet everyday? each of the person we meet is unique.... no one in the whole world is exactly the same as the other, even twins are not totally the same....but we could always group people into something...accroding to our own preference of course! and in this way, we could sum up the kinds of people we see everyday.... the people i see everyday are the "moms", the leaders, the followers, the show offs, the workers....etc...etc...etc... how about you?
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• Philippines
8 Oct 08
Hi there bubblyapple! I meet a lot of different people daily. I teach in one of the universities here in our city and so I get to meet a lot of different people on a daily basis. They are all interesting people in one way or another. I see parents, students, leaders, employees, and public servants. I also see people who are show offs, weird, and a whole lot more.