Our food shouldn't poison wildlife

By Amy
Abernathy, Texas
September 23, 2008 6:44pm CST
https://secure.defenders.org/site/Advocacy?pagename=homepage&page=UserAction&id=1191&autologin=true&s_einterest=C3C4&JServSessionIdr001=7dyum74pu1.app23a I recently contained a letter Defenders of Wildlife which contained the follwoing (paraphrased) Did you know their is a product in use for crops called carbofuran for crops, its a highly toxic pesticide in case, like me, you're not up on all your pesticides. The next step is to ban traces of this substance from food for sale in the US. Now the EPA is taking the next step by moving to ban food with traces of carbofuran from sale in the US which will help wildlife and families all over the planet. You can help now. This is a bold, admirable move that will help wildlife, families and workers all over the world. Take action now to show your support for the EPA's plan. This toxin cannot be used without killing birds, fish, bees and other wildlife. As most of you know, there has already been mysterious lowering of the pop. of bees. Its now been found by the EPA that even carbofuran residue on food can prove to be a risk to public health - even young children esp young kids and have irreversible nervous and reproductive damage -to those who work with the crops. A million lbs of this poison are used each year in the US it is also commonly used by developing countries to export rice, bananas and sugarcane, coffee and other crops. Now the Agency has concluded that even carbofuran residue on food poses unacceptable risks to public health -- especially to young children. It can also cause irreversible nervous and reproductive system damage to people who work with crops that are treated with this pesticide. Thank the EPA for taking a strong stand to keep our children, wildlife and workers safe. Please help end the use of this deadly poison. But not everyone is applauding the EPA's decision. FMC Corporation -- the sole manufacturer of carbofuran in the U.S. -- is currently suing the federal government for moving to ban the pesticide and has vowed to fight the agency's latest "no-tolerance" policy on food residues. With such powerful corporate players fighting to keep this poison on the market, we need to be ever-vigilant to ensure this toxic threat is eliminated for good. Please show your support for responsible regulation. Take action now to thank the EPA for continuing to take an aggressive stance against carbofuran and urge officials to do everything they can to speed its removal from the world market. Please take the time to not only thank the Environmental Protection Agency for moving to eradicate carbofuran traces on our food -- and urge agency officials to do everything they can to speed this process along to protect our families, our wildlife, and farm workers who are exposed to this toxic chemical. You can follow this link and they will give you a pre-written letter you can personalize. https://secure.defenders.org/site/Advocacy?pagename=homepage&page=UserAction&id=1191&autologin=true&s_einterest=C3C4&JServSessionIdr001=7dyum74pu1.app23a
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