What is one thing you have done as a student that have changed you a lot?

September 23, 2008 11:57pm CST
I remember when I was still in High School and exams were fast approaching, I didn't study for an exam. I placed to much confidence on my knowledge but it has failed me in the date of the exam. From then on whenever there is an exam I make it a point to study even for just 15 minutes to refresh my knowledge. Until now the lesson that I shouldn't be too over confident still applies to my life. So tell me what is one thing you have done as a student that have changed you a lot?
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@deserve40 (1643)
• India
24 Sep 08
I remember one of my friend's father told me that I should be more active, strong and more competetive. I really did not know what I should do to become so. But I remembered his words and as the time passed, I realized that just by keeping those words in my mind, I had started changing myself. I started taking part in competitions, I became more active in games and always I was looking to meet with some challenges. Many a times I found myself far to small to meet with some challenges but I still tried and although I was not successful in most of them, I gained experience and more importantly those challenges tought two things to me: one that we have to accept when we are defeated without giving any excuses and second nothing impossible if you try sincerely. Because of this type of attitude, I gained a lot of confidance in myself and that changed me a lot.