have you been a good daughter or son to your parents?

September 24, 2008 2:18am CST
Hi there! Just wanted to ask what to consider for you to be called a good daughter or son?or what does it take to be a good daughter or son to our parents? 'coz in my case I have graduated already from college and acquired already a job but the money I would receive from this job isn't enough to pay back all the expenses that my parents had spent during my college years. With that, I seldom gave them a share. At first, It was still ok but as time goes by it was like OOps I just suddenly realized should I get and try another job or went abroad so that I could pay them back 'coz one time my mother also told me to just go abroad to find a greener pasture but I am hesitant to and am still not ready. With this, I was bothered by my conscience whether I am good daughter or not. please help!
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@app3ls (63)
• Malaysia
25 Sep 08
I think most parents don't expect any return in materials or money from their kids. But if possible and affordable, give them some allowances, spend on them. It's not necessary to be a lot, they'd be happy enough as long as you have the thoughts of them. I think, to be a good daughter or son to your parents, money can't do all. They'd love you to spend more time with them. Show your concern from time to time. Help them to do some chores. Sometimes, action comes more meaningful than $.
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@klaudine (3652)
• Indonesia
24 Sep 08
I am trying to be a good daughter of course after I know i failed them some times and I might have made them disappointed of what I've done. I really want to make them proud, and I think if I can be an independent individual I can make them proud of me, and that is why I want to be serious in this online money making program since for me it is a little bit more promising and give me a little bit of fun and hope at the same time. I think being a good daughter or son wouldn't necessarily measured by how much we can give material things to them. I believe with what my mom said once, that they would be very happy if I can live my life as a good person and gain respect from people around me. I would make people respect my parents, and that is how I make their hard work of raising me up until now paid off
@jenniely (41)
14 Sep 09
You know what I think you are already good daughter thinking what makes your parents happy are already enough I know sometimes as a daughter we think that everything we did are not enough compare to all sacrifices that are parents did for us but I think your parents are already happy for they just want you to explore more and experience other things and prepare you to have your own life, later on you will have to build your own family maybe they just want you to earn more for your own future family.
@ivana980 (156)
• Italy
16 Jun 09
I think i am. My mother tell me always that i'm an angel!!!
@jasmin69k (103)
• Australia
6 Feb 09
don't expect u could gave back for what they've done and given unto you..we are good as what we are as a daughter.parents will always be a parents..they understand whatever may our situation right now..coz they don't want us to suffer too.as long as u did ur part there's nothing to feel guilty..
• Australia
30 Nov 08
I quite agree with appels' response. As long as you have them in your thoughts, they would feel that they are loved by you. Spend money on them or give them whatever you can give but make sure it comes from the heart.
@dodo19 (33664)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
28 Nov 08
I am certainly trying to be as the best daughter I can be. I don't think I can do much more than that. I hope that my parents are able to see that and not expect more than that. But if they can't, then that's their problem and they have to deal with it.