What is the most outraguous thing you ever done in public?

September 24, 2008 9:56am CST
One time when i was in the mall; let us just say that i was just malling around(window shopping ), when i came across this store of appliances where in they are selling huge TV and all kinds of TV and monitor. To my amazement i went inside the store and looked around. While i was looking around i saw this monitor tv on the special rack with nothing on its side just their in the center that has a camcorder attached to it in this way i can see myself in the monitor television in front of me. I really like myself that day because i had my hair rebonded the night before so it falls in my shoulder really good plus i've done my face really good that i look pretty in the monitor tv . SO when i did saw myself in that TV i am some kinda very excited that i made it like a mirror i fixed myself infront of it, i put on make up (actually lipstick) then i fixed my dress , i turn around to see my back and then fixed it when suddenly i noticed all the people outside the store and inside the store are all looking at the other monitors and tv all smiling and glancing at me . My heart suddenly beats so fast and i felt my blood rush into my head and i can see myself blushing turning into red because what i am thinking is really whats happening . that the monitor tv that i am looking at, fixing myself is attached to all the monitors and tv in the store . huhuhu . My face is all over the place. Could you bit this experience with yours?
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@amlegend (945)
• Pakistan
24 Sep 08
what i did was not that thrilling but atleast for me it was a shock that how the people reponded. i read somewhere it and thought to give a try. i was driving and on a signal when the traffic stopped i switched off the car and jumped off the vehicle and wavied my hands. some people did the same and they too while others kept on sitting in the cars and then a bunch of guys came out and punched me on the nose and then blur blur what i read was wrong it said"after doing this enter your vehicle and get going" but i had to see a doctor... :) now i am very careful when they say"don't try it at home" plz don't :)
• Philippines
24 Sep 08
very funny indeed hahah . next time i will try that but now i learned from your mistake hahahha