What influences your vote?

United States
September 24, 2008 12:35pm CST
I volunteer my time to a local campaign, and I am curious. What influences your vote? Where do you get your information from to decide who you are voting for come election day? Do you rely on loved ones, television- media, websites, the electee themselves? I am really looking forward to reading the responses to this.
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25 Sep 08
The first thing I look at is integrity. Has a candidate done or tried to do what he said he would? If not then there is no reason to listen to them. All candidates stretch the truth, the question is when they are actually governing, what have they done. Which way did they vote? Second is, who is around them. What type of people do they listen to? What type of kitchen table polititcs are going on in their home? Only after these two do I look at the issues and where they stand. That way I know whether or not the y are trying to con me or are telling me what they would really try and accomplish.
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25 Sep 08
Interesting I like your approach.