My baby took everybody for a walk.

United States
September 24, 2008 9:03pm CST
Today we were at my grandparents house. Well, they have a really big yard and my daughter who is over alittle 14 months old loves to play there. She decided to take mine hand. I thought she did it cause I had just mad my older daughter waffles and I thought she wanted one. I was wrong. She took my held on it walked over to do the door. I thought she wanted to show me something. So I opened the door. Well, after that I figured out that she just wanted me to walk around with her where ever she wanted to go. Then I got tired of walking around so much so I sat down. She wasn't happy with that. So she decided she was gonna go take someone elses hand and get the to take her outside to walk around. So she went to each person that was there and mad them walk with her. And she still didn't want to take a break. Talk about a baby really knowing what she wants to do.
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