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September 24, 2008 9:33pm CST
You know ,I know even all know,everyone dislikes Jewish boss.But I want to tell one those people who work for Jewish boss a truth that I bet you would like your Jewish boss, if you had ever work for chinses boss.let take a contrast. I'm a salesman in a factory, deal with foreiner clients. 1. my work time is am 08.00-11.30, pm 12.00-18.00. look,I just got half hour to have my luch. 2. got two day leaves in a month, no vacation ,no weekend rest.obviously,chinese boss don't belive that god created the world in six days and take a rest on suday ever. 3.I bet you will be angry as me,when you red this. I just can be paid us$ 118 a month,the people average earning is us$220 in our country .And one rules made me more than angry is just that the salary is paid half,the half is detained. 4.I have to do extra work without any pay when the delivery time is urgnt.that's a common stuff in china 5.sometime I have to do something that is nothing to do with my job.such as my boss's housework,moving house... I try to quit this job,but it is very hard that look for a job in china. Now you know how bad the chinese boss is ?GUYS can you bear such a job?
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• Philippines
25 Sep 08
This particular discussion of yours got me thinking, "should I proceed to my plan of working abroad for a boss with a different nationality from me?" Before I go on further, I'd like to say that I was quite surprised and shocked at how 'inhumane' your boss actually is. Please pardon the term I used here but I can't think of any other appropriate word to describe your superior. I'd like to comment on some of the points you stated, if you'd permit me. 1. You work for more than ten hours daily. - Don't you have a government regulating body which dictates the allowable minimum and maximum number of hours an employee has to work for an entire day? Locally, we are mandated to work for eight hours. In excess of this, one could work for extra hours provided he is paid an additional overtime pay rate, plus a night differential pay if he reaches 10:00 pm and onwards. 2. 30-minute lunch break - Again, unlike you, we have one hour lunch break over here. Most often, we consume less than an hour for our lunch but we still have to do some personal things or have a few minutes rest for us to feel recharged. Speeding up one's eating habits might even prove harmful to health, I would say, but I guess your boss doesn't understand this. 3. 2-day leaves in a month - Aside from having 1.25 day vacation leave and 1.25 day sick leave in a month, we aren't required to go to work during weekends. In other companies here, they even commute or convert to cash unused vacation or sick leaves of their employees. I find your boss so inconsiderate enough with a person's well-being. 4. US $118 a month - This is too much! Even a minimum wage earner here gets at least US $174; still much higher than your present salary. 5. salary on installment basis Absurd! One can never survive with just half of US $118 or US $59 a month. This may even be not enough for meals alone. 6. extra errands - I think this is the worst of all. Malpractices of a superior should not even be tolerated but I know how it feels to be jobless. I was jobless for more than a year myself. But I believe that this is, put in other terms, 'sucking the life out of you.' Even if I haven't experienced your current ordeal, I am certain that I wouldn't be able to bear this kind of boss. It's adviseable that you seek for ways to eliminate these unideal labor practices and demand for what is due to you by unveiling the truth through several ways; including but certainly not limited to reporting this to the highest officials of the land or even to the ILO or International Labor Organization. You could resort to working abroad, too. Anyway, I believe I have made my point here and I have expressed my feelings regarding this labor issue, as irritated as I am. Before I burst into rage, I should bid you goodbye for now. Hope that in the soonest possible time, you will be free from this bondage and still be fulfilled and satisfied with your next job or business. God bless and do take care.
25 Sep 08
Thanks for your reading and reply. Something I should tell you: 1.china is the most population country.The labours is much more than jobs.So it is very hard to find a job in speaking of high salary. of course there is also labour law in china. that's no question result that you will be fired ,if you use labour law to protect your benefit. Government never care about that. the labour law is just a paper without any use. you have to take a hard life on your shoulders ,if you was born in china and you got a papa who's not rich. 2.And with regard to your idea worked abroad,I think china is a good choice.china is a hell for most of chinese,but a heaven for foreiners.i think you'll get a good job,and a comfortable life in china.