Right age for a child to be sent to a school

@mookhor (304)
September 25, 2008 3:31am CST
Some parents, it is observed, are desperate enough in sending their kids as early as possible. They think, it is observed, that the last train is on the move next second only. Two years and a half, believe it or not, is enough for a baby to start learning alphabet and numerical. A few parent, it is my experience, complain against the authority of the kids' school pointing to the fact that the school has been lagging behind in terms of the advancement of the syllabus for the kids who should have learned much more by any specific time. The kids are helpless. If they are asked to study day and night they will do it as they like to be with their parents by nature. Have you got any such experience ? What should be the minimum age, according to your consideration, for a child to be sent to a school and why ?
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• United States
25 Sep 08
I think that 3 or 4 depending on the child, is a good age. I feel that they need that experience of a routine structure time of day that they may not get at home, because the parents are running errands taking care of the other children or working. The earlier they are introduced to those things the better it is when they start elementary school. Most children at 3 or 4 dont go all day, its just a couple of hours, which isnt too agressive for a child that age. My son started at about 3 and half, and by time he got to kindergarten which is a full day, he was very adapted to the routine and idea and didnt have a hard time adjusting, in fact he looovves it.
@bbsr13 (4198)
• India
25 Sep 08
Hello,Mookhor! The right age for a child to start reading and wring is four.In our days it was five years plus.But the ambitious parents send their children to the schools much earlier.It will never be good for the children because their mind is not prepared to grasp anything.Let them go to a play school and get acquainted with the study atmosphere before they start the actual study.thanx.
@ishralene09 (2260)
• Philippines
25 Sep 08
Hmm...for me the right age is like 4. I want my child to enjoy as much of his childhood as possible. By that I mean letting him play and learn by himself. By 4 he should enter a nursery school. If a child has the talent and interest he would make it. It's not good to see children work their butt off at such a very early age. So they need to enjoy a bit.
@rainmark (4306)
25 Sep 08
I and my husband is planning to send my son to nursery at the age of three, then six for elementary level. I think kids needs to be in nursery at the age of 3 or 4 it's not an intensive schooling it's all about playing, recognizing colors, shapes, body building and socializing. When it's about time and if they are in the righ age for real schooling which is 6 or 7 then wthey will proceed to proper schooling. Happy posting.