what do you wear to bed?

pajamas - comfy pajamas
@kleynie (129)
September 25, 2008 3:51am CST
hello mylotters, i'm just curious..what do you usually wear before going to bed?! Me?! i just wear anything that is comfortable so that i can have a very comfy feeling while dozing myself off..sometimes a pair of pajamas and a comfy tshirt is a good combination for me!! How about you?!
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@kun2349 (23473)
• Singapore
6 Oct 08
Most of the time, i will be sleeping topless with just shorts ^_^ ANd if i'm feeling cold during the night, i will just cover up with a blanket.. haha =D And if it's a cold weather, i will be wearing a tank top to sleep, with my shorts.. haha =D As singapore is quite a warm country, it's almost impossible to sleep with long sleeve ^_^ hehe
• Philippines
27 Sep 08
Hi there kleynie! I do not really have a specific sleepwear. There are times when I feel more comfortable wearing PJs. There are instances when I feel more comfortable wearing an oversized shirt. Well, there are also times when I feel more comfortable wearing a tank top and shorts. At times when it is really cold, I wear a pair of jogging pants and a sweatshirt.
@sandymay16 (1619)
• Philippines
27 Sep 08
anything comfortable should be it. for me, cotton shorts and sleeveless shirt. if it's cold, pajamas with socks.
@kaezy_kulet (2465)
• Philippines
26 Sep 08
depends on the weather..if it is a hot day i will be wearing a sleeveless shirt and a short then during cold seasons i wear pajamas and a long sleeves if it is really cold but if the coldness is tolerable i just wear a nice and comfortable shirt..well you know this..you can see me sleeping..hehehehe
@lazeebee (5466)
• Malaysia
25 Sep 08
Our weather here is hot and humid, even during the rainy season. So our air-conditioner is often on. I usually wear a big comfy Tshirt and shorts; and should it gets a bit colder, then I would use my blanket.
@NrgDfenZ (1810)
• Belgium
25 Sep 08
I don't wear so much to bed.. Maybe a underpants or so.. And that's it :D Have a nice day..
• Philippines
25 Sep 08
an oversized shirt.. it's cool and comfy
@Anne18 (11034)
25 Sep 08
In the summer I wear a nighty. In the winter I have pj's and bed socks as i get very cold feet. I like to keep warm in bed and as I have to sleep on my own for four nights every week I like to make sure I am going to be cosy