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United States
September 25, 2008 6:20am CST
Hi everyone here in myLot space! Listen, I've told you all about a house that has been in my husband's family since the 1700s that's about to be sold to someone that is not in the family in one of my other posts. My husband, some of his family and I do not want to see that happen and is breaking hearts just thinking about it. Here's a little background if you didn't get to read my last post. The house is an old carriage house with a huge barn in the mountains of NY. My husband's grandmother was actually born in that house, and also passed away there. His great-grandparents sold the house to his grandparents for $1 in order for it to be an actual purchase. His grandfather was amazing, giving and a known figure of the community. He raised 5 children in that house and many grandchildren have come to spend time and make memories as well. My son had some amazing connection with it (we went a few months ago and he hasn't stopped talking about it). it is. My husband's grandfather passed away and the house of course went to his children. There are 5 of them. Some want the house, some don't (needs a lot of work) which means they have to sell. I am doing everything I can to make the money to buy the house and keep it in the family. I've done the money online thing, but it doesn't add up quick enough. I decided to start a couple of websites, (can ship internationally), and in order to try to make the money. So far, I've not gotten anywhere. All I'm asking is that if you have time, want any bath products or energy saving/air purification products for yourself or anyone else, please stop by my sites. Like I've said, I'm running out of time fast (they're going up the last 2 weeks of Oct to do this). If anyone wants to help out, I would appreciate it. I can't go get another mortgage right now so this is my last hope. Thanks for listening!!!
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