Do you get influenced by advertisements?

@dpk262006 (56563)
Delhi, India
September 25, 2008 9:20am CST
Do you get influenced by advertisements? Now a day every product is advertised extensively. Advertisements per se are necessary to spread information about a new product or service. Nothing sells without advertisements from a luxury car to inner-wears. Wherever you are – you are bombarded with advertisements. You cannot escape the barrage of advertisements be it your internet, TV, Radio, movies, Hoardings, Newspapers or magazines. Do you get carried away with the advertisements? Do you feel watching or reading advertisements affects your psyche and you cannot resist the temptation of buying a particular product? How many times do you buy a product or service on the basis of an advertisement? After buying a product on the basis of an (exaggerated) advertisement how many times did you feel that the product or the service was not same, as it was advertised and you felt cheated or taken for a ride? Did you find some products upto your expectations as was depicted in the advertisement? After buying some products, I felt many a times that the products or services were not as good, as was shown or claimed in their advertisements. I would like you to share your experiences and views on the above.
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• United States
25 Sep 08
I call them "adverteasements" because you're teased into buying their product and it never lives up to its name.
@dpk262006 (56563)
• Delhi, India
26 Sep 08
OH! What a unique term you have invented.......teasing.......(a kind of lurement).Thanks for joining.
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@sonusd (1548)
• India
26 Sep 08
yes definitely as it shows some features of it there are presentation by some actor and actress whom we love and we think that they are also using it