Does anyone know where I can find a good Caucasian????????

United States
September 25, 2008 9:32am CST
Ok my S/O and me have decided that we are going to get another family member and we decided on the breed to be a Caucasian Ovcharka !!! But I seem to be having trouble finding Breeders in and around my area. I'm willing to drive out of state to purchase one but I need to find a breeder first. And before I get told why don't I rescue one there are many factors in why I don't one being I have five kids and I want the puppy to grow up with them and I have a puppy and cats so getting a puppy where I can train him and don't have to worry about what happened to the puppy in his past and worry about what might set him off. So that is why I would greatly appreciate help finding a breeder in around this area for this type of pup... Thanks ahead of time.
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