myLot American Election

September 25, 2008 9:56am CST
Hi myLotters What if we were to re - create the American Election race on myLot? Who would get your vote? What would your policies be? How would you solve the "Credit Crunch"? How would you solve World Peace? World Hunger? Environmental Issues? Out of Obama and McCain, who gets your vote? Or should myLot members form an alternative party? Vote now! Results 30 September 08.
1 response
@4magoo (396)
25 Sep 08
One vote for Obama and Biden.... (I read this post as an attempt at our own "straw-poll" As such, I won't answer the other questions as it complicates the central question and distact from the central question. Hope that is okay.)
25 Sep 08
Thanks for voting! It's duly noted... I've not got that many responses yet... I'm hoping this might be a hot topic for discussion...
26 Sep 08
Hi there, I think you and me are the only myLotters interested in the straw poll myLotters American Election! I've only had one vote from you and counting my own vote, it looks as if Obama is going to win hands down! Never mind... Perhaps most myLotters are all "Electioned out"... It's not long until until the real vote takes place...