Which do you prefer? Day or night life?

September 25, 2008 9:58am CST
Hi there. I believe everyone has some kinda commitment during both daylight and after the sun goes down. I believe most people go to school or work during the day. At night, most people chill out at outlets or get a rest at home. Or perhaps things work out the other way round for some people who work at night. Thus, there is a choice in between. Mind sharing which time of your life do you prefer? Day or night?
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• Philippines
25 Sep 08
Hi there vuitton! I used to be a night person. However, because my job requires much of my time during the day, I spend most of the night sleeping. During holidays and breaks though, I would spend much of my time out at night and sleep most of the day. It really depends on how much time I have available for the different activities that I engage in.
@chiaeugene (2226)
• China
25 Sep 08
i prefer night as it less distractive and quieter to get things done. i always find myself more creative and productive at night compared to day. day time always seem to be more polluted and noiser. that is my own perception and this may be due to the country i am residing in now.
@corngrass (727)
• Malaysia
25 Sep 08
During my daytime, i will be busy rushing at my office. However during these time i get to go around joking and talking to others. And as for my nightlife, i will have more time with my dear, my family and also my computer. I love daylife and nightlife because of the existence of one site, i learn to appreciate what is not in the other site.
• India
25 Sep 08
According to me, 24 hours in a day, is not at all enough 4 me.. i like night time more than day time.. not for sleeping. it is much convenient to work on night time.because at night, it will be calm all around.. we have noone to disturb.. and so that.. we can look after our works without any tension..