Don't you feel vrey dijected and disappointed?

September 25, 2008 1:24pm CST
At times I feel I have reached end of the world and there is nothing for me. Have you ever felt so? I tll you the remidy which will help you rejuvinate and energise you to make another start. The remidy is to write our heart out. The best thing ofcourse is to confine the matter in a friend, but the posibility is poor as there are no real friend to listen to your story. Then what will you do? You should sit on your writing table and write you heart out. Later you can read the entire thing and discuss with your ownself. Surprisingly, on most of the days you would find that your own mistake caused the damage and not you fate neither the stars. Then onece you realise your fault, you can take necessary actions. Is that not a good solution?
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