It can all be over

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September 25, 2008 3:32pm CST
Life...It can all be over in a instant. Savor all the little moments. It is all so precious. Try to be the best that you can be while you are here. Be happy, share your happiness, laugh it is contagious. Before you start a fuss with a spouse stop and think about it. Is it really worth getting all in a snit over. Think before you snap at your children. Live every minute like it is your last. I know I wouldn't want ot start a fuss or yell at my kids for something so simple and then something happen to one of them or me. Think about the last words you said to someone you love. Would you want that to be your last? I hate it when I go to sleep mad and try not to. You dont need alot of money to take a break/vacation. Pack a lunch and head to the park. Take a walk as a family. Be thankful. Learn to forgive to lift the burden on your soul. Do what you can while you can, because it can all be over in an instant. Live, laugh, love! Remember "Life isn't measured by the number if breaths you take it is the moments that take your breath away". They happen everyday, all day. Just take a minute, pause the T.V. (thanks to DVR), turn the stove on low, and just sit back and appreciate what is around you.
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25 Sep 08
That is so true and we overlook this all the time and let our day to day lives get in the way of being truly happy all the time. I am so glad that you brought this topic up because I have been overlooking this for a long time and now I need to take a minute and just "be" and let my mind, body and emotions regroup and go from there.