the trick we use when feeding our kids...

@desireeo (595)
September 25, 2008 11:12pm CST
i have a two-year-old daughter and she's a little bit hard to feed. eversince the day i've started to feed her solid foods, i have learned to use tricks to make her open her mouth. before, i'd let her sit in her chair and i would give her toys so she'll be occupied with them and won't mind me budgering her to open her mouth. that way, she would eat as much as i would feed her as long as she's happy playing with whatever it is in her hands. now that she's a lot more active it is so impossible to let her sit down with us and eat. she would just play with her food and mess around the table. what i do during feeding time is that i let her play around the house and i'll just chase her to put the food in her mouth. those who aren't use to doing this would criticize me for imposing and tolerating a bad habit. we're not supposed to let our kids to play while eating. or we're not supposed to let them watch tv while eating. well,i'm sorry but i think i'm going to have to break all these rules for the meantime. this is the only way i know she would eat properly and i don't mean for this to go on forever. it's only until she's old enough to understand the meaning of food and can eat on her own. maybe, next year when she starts school. care to share with me your tricks?
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@heaven11 (1159)
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26 Sep 08
When I had trouble with my kids eating i let them feed thierselves and they enjoy it