The type of tea(C)

September 26, 2008 1:20am CST
5. Yellow tea: the famous tea are among Junshan needles yellow tea, yellow tea-law's a bit like green tea, but the middle needs stuffy yellow for three days. 6.White Tea: White Tea by the sun is basically made of . White and yellow tea appearance ,aroma and taste are very good. There are valuable varieties: Bai Hao Silver Needle tea, White Peony tea. However, many different types of tea. To take the time and were named:pure social tea, tea Guyu, Yu Qian, or tea, tea Bailu, and so on. The origin of the name to : Longjing tea in Zhejiang, Fujian Wuyi Cha, Cha Lu'an, Anhui, Yunnan tea, Camellia-Hunan, Taiwan, such as cold tea. A symbol of good fortune of to the fact that the letter named are :dragon and phoenix tea, tea-long mission, Buxus tea, green tea, tea Shou Mei, Tieguanyin, and so on.
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Green tea has more antioxidants required for health. Its so good for health. Normal tea doesnot have much antioxidants