Examination tension

@mookhor (304)
September 26, 2008 3:24am CST
I can remember the magnitude of tension that did afflict me right for about a fortnight just before any examination. It was a tension that did sprout from an anxiety in respect of my unpreparedness and preparedness and in respect of the uncertainty that would have covered the prospective question papers. And just after the examination the sigh of relief was also a matter to count. Before and during the examination an acceleration in the study was a fact and this was the reason I had the habit of searching out the books and subjects scheduled for the next time. Now, when I do observe the students of the school worried and anxious just before the examination which has been awkwardly shaped for the need of the day and based on the suggestions and plans of the day, I like to touch their breathing even. How do you feel, if you are still a student and if you are no more a student ?
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@donburi (316)
• Philippines
26 Sep 08
Me too, I always feel tension during before exams but I try my best to study hard to do well in the exam. During exam time I somewhat change and become very concentrated on the exam. I don't have a somewhat sense of time and just try to do my best in finishing the exam. After exams this is when I'm really glad that the exam is over. I usually reward myself and treat myself after exams when I did well. This is how I am during exams and I always try to study beforehand the lesson as not to cram, but sometimes it's just unavoidable to cram for me. This would lead to tension and anxiety which I really don't like, but if I just put my mind into it I can accomplish my goal and do well in the exam.