Residen Evil 5----will be as good as its previous ones??

September 26, 2008 6:16am CST
Resident Evil 5....A great game will soon gonna be launched by Capcom again in the enormously mindblowing series of Resident Evil...will they perform as much good as they performed in their previous one...that great story line up???that great graphics??and ofcourse great play???so guys what do u think????????
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@jimmy7512 (213)
15 Nov 08
Of course it will, when have the resident evil games not been satisfying? They have added co-op which MEANS that you and a friend can play together online whichis freaking AWESOME! I have to admit they should of added some strafing and ducking and dodging though I mean the controls are practically the same as resident evil 4... :/
@j_sgill (49)
31 Oct 08
I didn't used to be much of a Resident Evil fan. I really liked the idea, the setting, the characters and the storyline(s) but couldn't stand the controls. That all changed with Resident Evil 4 which is now one of my favourite games ever, one of the most enjoyable games i've played. The whole control system was revolutionised and the game was actually fun to play without any difficulty with controls - the best improvement was that you could now aim properly and pick where to shoot enemies on their bodies (head, legs, arms, bottoms etc.). As long as they move on from Resi 4 it will be great, looking at the recent videos and photos of it it looks like that's the case and that is really good news. The graphics look outstanding, there's a different setting - looks like it could be scarier (that's a good thing) hope the characters and story are as good/better than Resi 4. Really hope there're some surprises like Krauser (what a character!) and modes like Mercenaries (really great, endless, addictive fun). Overall I think it will be great, can't wait for it. Unfortunately I own a PC and a Wii so it's gonna be difficult for me to play it, hopefully Capcom will think about releasing it on these platforms.
@Neo133 (66)
30 Sep 08
Of course It would. I saw a few trailers and watched The E3 games conference, it just looked amazing and I couldn't stop watching it over and over again.
• India
26 Sep 08
Hi Reeuvan Surely Its Gonna be A Big Block Buster Game Again Wid a Promising Story Line and Wid Good Graphics I Think It May Be The Best Resident Evil Series Bcoz Ots Taking Its Own Time To Make Its Level Best So Thts It My Friend