Sachel bags (Paper) making Machines

August 23, 2006 5:15am CST
We are Converters of Kraft Paper into Industrial Bags and have a Plant in Pakistan. We are importing Virgin KRAFT Paper form Europe.Canada, Australia, South Africa etc and produce Paper Sacks for the Cement Industry in Pakistan.Our capacity is 140 Million Sacks /annum and we consume around 25000 Metric Tons Of Kraft Paper annually and are on the path to increase our Capacity to 280 Million Sacks/annum. We also have similar Plants in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia with similar Capacities. We have also started putting up a Plant in Dubai UAE with same capacity. In Kuwait we are into making Paper bags for the commercial markets and consumers.e.g Fast Food Chains like Mcdonalds, KFC,Burger King, and are also planning to set up Commercial Bag manufacturing Unit in Pakistan, In this regard we are looking for machine suppliers for this particular product.Kindly get in touch with me on my mail: Regards, Sardar Nadir Khan
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