what was your worst trimester?

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September 26, 2008 2:36pm CST
GOSH this is hard to choose between.. id have to say first basically because i was always so tired and i never had any energy and i was sick a lot. I got headaches a lot and it was just terrible., besides the excitment of findong out about her... second trimester was great.. her first kick..morning sickness died down .. i had energy.. third is alot like first for me... my headaches are back..im always tired..non energetic.. but i dont have morning sickness this time so.. i guess its better than first...lol
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8 Oct 08
I would say the 3rd! I've never had morning sickness w/ any of my pgs! PHEW! TG! W/ my 1st I had a gallbladder attack @ 34 weeks and I was swollen like a sausage and couldn't stay awake during the day & couldn't sleep a lick @ night. #2 she sat on a nerve or something cause I had siatica w/ her and she'd hurt my hips super bad it was awful everytime I got up my hips hurt badly for like the first 5min after I stood up, not to mention the constant carpel tunnel from the pg. #3 was the easiest except the bugger was breach
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7 Oct 08
I would have to say the 3rd trimester with both of my pregnancies, was the worst for me. As I had my babies in the summertime, the hot weather was hard to deal with. And with a big belly it was hard to fall asleep in a comfortable position, and with it being recommended to sleep only on the side position, made it even more difficult to get a good night's sleep. The hardest part while I was in my 3rd trimester, at least with my second son, was when I made the mistake of being on my feet for a few hours straight. That night I woke up to some terrible leg cramps! I never want to experience that again, it was that bad!