Postpartum Depression

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November 6, 2006 10:19am CST
Sometimes a pregnant mother in labor experiences unrelenting pain. Pain tolerance is different for each person, and is different in all circumstances. Sometimes the normal stresses of labor combine with lack of sleep, hunger, fear of the unknown, being in a strange place (a hospital), and other factors, too many to address in this one post--these things combine to make physiologic labor contractions of the uterus feel so painful that edges blur. A woman may not know where one contraction stops and the other contraction begins. This is especially true of pitocin augmented contractions. Contractions begin to feel like ONE BIG never ending contraction. A woman becomes overwhelmed by pain. Unrelenting prolonged unrelenting pain may lead to an undiagnosed psychotic break (this does not mean a woman goes "crazy" per se) and contributes to postpartum depression and/or the continuum leading to postpartum psychosis. It's not intentional. It doesn't make a mother "bad". It happens. If this description brings tears to your eyes, or maybe an "aha!" feeling, please post. I'm doing research for my new book. I already self publish a book I wrote called "Avoiding Overwhelming Pain in Labor. I'll post a sample chapter. Here's my homepage link, keep checking. Thank you!
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14 Dec 06
Psychosis jsut means the lines between reality and fantasy blur so bad they can be doing things they think the yare imagining doing, or real things that are scary will apear larger and scarier than they are... Thanks for Sharing this article. I have never been through this type of depression but i did experience Severe depression, and went through a period of psychosis on and off due to inhalents, when I was quitting them, and it is scary as people really can not tell the different between reality an fantasy, as around those time I had done that, even remembering things do not always quite add up right and if I remember it wrong then I am accused of making up lies. I am not making up lies I just honestly do not remember that particular time frame with accuracy due to the issues I had at that time... Most who have experience Severe Depression, and this type of thing will understand what I state when stating this. - DNatureofDTrain
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14 Dec 06
thank you for sharing.