mobile linked to brain tumours as smoking to cancer

@milindp (123)
September 26, 2008 10:48pm CST
Testifying Before US House Panel, Chief Of Top Cancer Centre Warns Of Dangers. The potential link between mobile phones and brain cancer could be similar to the link between lung cancer and smoking --- something tobacco companies took 50 years to recognize, according to a warning by US scientists. Researchers are currently split on the level of danger the biological effects of the magnetic field emitted by cellphones poses to humans. React on this.
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@NrgDfenZ (1810)
• Belgium
27 Sep 08
Only one question :D How do they test this :D Do they actually let people call to get tumors ? :D Have a nice day..
@salonga (27952)
• Philippines
27 Sep 08
Oh that's frightening to people who are mobile phone addict but I'm glad I'm safe. I seldom use my mobile. I can use the landline at anytime so I don't waste money in using my mobile too often. In fact there are days when I don't even touch it. I use it only when I am out and would want a contact with my loved ones. So I have nothing to worry but too bad for those who are excessive users of it.