my opinions of the interview,do u agree that?

@xooboo (14)
September 26, 2008 11:09pm CST
interview is good way to selection a right persion all over the world ,the employer can seeing about the emplpyees ability by asking many different quesstions ,many big company have very normal procedure to check emplyees work ability.niterview also is good chances to show one's communication ability,express ability and professional ability.but i think the most importan thing is that interview can show one's self-confidence ,and most of the company seem to attach many importance to the confidence,we can done anything well when we have fully confidence. a good harvest will being got when we have good prepare,how to prepare before interview?in my opinion ,first thing is that we need accumlate the knowleage in the daily life,this is improtant,and the second thing is ,we need know much about the company ,for example ,backgroud of the company ,the company mission and the function of the position which u looking for.
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@aanthe (61)
• China
27 Sep 08
i do agree with your opinions a lot! as we need to know the company and also know about their products before we are going to have interview. once we gain our knowleges, we will have confidence during the interview.
@xooboo (14)
• China
28 Sep 08
thanks for answer my comment. thanks for share u opinion