looking 4 a OLD friend in birmingham???

@leeb75 (50)
September 27, 2008 1:07pm CST
anyone ere from birmingham?? i used to live in new town but left around 7 years ago when my sister died who also lived in new town.we lived in the towers.my sister lived in one of the white towers called james house and i lived in rea tower wich is one of "i think five" towers wich are pink/red looking.down below are a row of shops starting with a kabab shop then a fruit&veg shop then a small ciggerette shop,then a pond land type shop,then a small type super market and im sure somewhere squashed in there is a bookies.things could have changed.anyway every time i went to the shop i used to talk to a polite smart dressed black guy who looked african mixed indian youth around 25 so say he is around 32 now and he went by the name of "dellagee" thats all i know.its pronounced della gee,ide really like to get is phone number.if anyone knows him remind him of little lee & joanne "bro&sis" from rea tower. and can u remember gea (geach) tower.and tina and paddy.ide love to get back in touch with them all.someone please get intouch++++++++ lee
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