Attention All Smokers: Does Emphysema Mean Anything To You?

@yuna15 (2707)
September 27, 2008 8:10pm CST
I'm not too sure if everybody here what it means. I've heard of the word before but I forgot about it. When I arrived home two days ago from work. My Father-in-Law was at home which is always been normal but what's unusual is he was having trouble breathing and he felt an unbearable pain in his left chest and as well as his back. When they first came into the emergency room he was told that he has Diabetes and they found out that one the veins going to his heart is clogged. After further examination, they found out that he had Emphysema. According to the website I read Emhysema is mainly caused by SMOKING. Yes smoking. My father-in-law is a chain smoker. He smokes in the morning every after meals and while talking to his friends. According to the site I looked at Emphysema, is a long term, progressive disease of the lungs. If you want to read more about it the link is To all smokers or even non-smokers, what can you say about this?
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28 Sep 08
I'm sorry to hear about that. My mother was recently diagnosed with emphysema, she is 41. It was shocking! she actually didn't have problems until she quit smoking which is weird to me but every thing you are reading is unfortunately true. it is a degenerative disease and while he still might have a probability of out living it, his life will be a bit more complicated. everything will have to be clean. he wil have to stay on top of his shots and be aware of who he around if they are sick. my mother hasn't been able ot see my own kids for about four months now because of this. Of course he should stop smoking as soon as possible, but in my opinion I would live life like normal in every other aspect. I'm the type of person that believes something can only kill you or stop you if you believe it can. lots of people think i'm stupid because of it. lol. Keep your chin up, medicine has come a long ways! I hope he is doing well. My prayers are with you and your family.