I love being SINGLE!

September 28, 2008 1:37am CST
Are you single? Don't you just love the freedom? No offense meant to the married and "taken" mylotters here, I'm not saying you are prisoners, LOL! But well, you know what I mean about being single and free. I can be with my friends anytime anywhere, no boyfriend or husband (and kids) to answer to or to worry about. I have all the time in thwo world to be with my parents and make them happy. I can save for the future and get myself ready for married life with no hassles! Ahhh! I just love my single life! Do you love being single? If you're already married do you sometimes wish you're back to single life? Or are you fed up about single life and wanna settle down? Do share your ideas. I wanna know whoelse in mylot are single like me and loving it too!
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• United States
28 Sep 08
I am single, and there are times when I do like it, and when I don't. I do like it because I have the ability to everything I want without having to get any permission. I also have the freedom to look at guys and flirt without getting questioned about my motives. Now, the thing I hate about being single is that I miss the cuddling and the warm-feeling of knowing that someone has your heart and loves you back. I miss the butterflies you get when you talk to that special someone. Oh, and I also miss the kind of kisses that bring you to your knees. It's passionate and sweet.
• Philippines
28 Sep 08
Yes, I can understand that, I never had serious boyfriends before but I did experience the cuddling and the sweet part. I think of them sometimes too, but well, I like my life better now. My friends can always offer me a hug when I need one. Make up your mind though, I'm sure lots of men wants to be with you. Happy mylotting!