Religion is about Faith and Believe

@WSoper (55)
Brunei Darussalam
November 6, 2006 10:58am CST
I am a moslem. Recently, a Christian fren of mine told me that i am now a christian. The only reason he sed that is because when he told me one day Jesus will come back to earth. And i agreed on that. Qoran has somewhat quoted the same belief. Instead of justifying my belief, i just nodded and said its true. The night after the discussion.. i was a bit freaked out when told that i was already a christian.I had to go on internet and hard copied checking the bible and i was amazed to find its very interesting.(If i were to be a free thinker) The next day, i read Holy Qoran, i was even amazed, the Holy Qoran convinced me more than the bible. But im not gonna talk more on this. You may want to point out something about what ive jotted here. But P/s: Neil Armstrong converted to Islam when he heard Azan up there! Now thats amazing. Illustrator of Prophet Muhammad was burnt alive and the media has to keep it low.
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• United States
6 Nov 06
I am a believer in GOD, I also believe that whatever religion we chose to follow is what religion you truely follow. You are Muslim, Moslem, Muslem as long as you believe that is what you are. I am a believer that religion has been over pushed and right now we need to go back to the beginning where we realize that we need to be together as one not as many factions, religions, governments, cultures, and countries. This world will suffer until we get together.
@WSoper (55)
• Brunei Darussalam
6 Nov 06
I agree on that, mate! Sometimes i ask myself what is wrong with this world? Ppl keeps blaming the religion the way they practise the religion the contents in the small book.. I came to a point where i believe its not the religion. Its the people who creates the problem. Yea i just wish we cud go back in times where we cud go back together whatever community, society we are. Just get united and all. But it wud be a small chance for that in this era. But lets just hope we all cud live in harmony.