Why do there always HAVE to be people to "look out" for at work?

United States
September 28, 2008 3:19am CST
I'm so sick of at every job there's always the "villains" to look out for, or the rats, whatever... You know how when u start a new job, you're excited, then your co-worker buddy starts telling you all about this person whos been here this long, he will rat u out like that. Oh and look out for this supervisor, he will do this and that. And this person and this person... Why does it have to be this way? Isn't it stupid? It's kinda of immature if you ask me, c'mon its like you're back in high school... Oh you better watch out for the jocks, they'll kick ur butt if u come around their turf! Work is supposed to be a place for adults and mature people, why can't everyone at work just be normal, friendly, and not rat each other out and be a teacher's pet!?
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@dolcias (302)
• Egypt
28 Sep 08
it doesn't happen only at work,everywhere you go there are unfortunately has to be people to look out for