How do cameras catch ghosts in the picture and how does it work?

United States
September 28, 2008 3:20am CST
How does a camera know when a ghost is around, I never see any white stuff that let's you know that they white stuff is a ghost, what type of cameras capture real ghosts in the picture?
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• Australia
2 Oct 08
Cameras do not know anything: they record what they are pointed at. If the photographer can find a ghost, they should be able to take the picture: I have never met anyone who did....
@slot100 (546)
• Hungary
28 Sep 08
Usually you can feel it when there's a ghost around, but it's a lot to explain. A little bit too much for typing it down lol! Anyway, for capturing a ghost on film, usually a digital camera or a 35 mm-camera is good enough. And the reason how they capture ghosts on a camera has nothing to do with luck. They go to places where 'normally' everybody thinks that there are ghosts on that place..and when they 'feel' something around them, then they just start making pictures.. If you wanna know the total story on how this works, here's a basics tutorial/guide for capturing/searching a ghost; happy mylotting! :) :)
@rup011 (726)
• Germany
28 Sep 08
Thats a really good question. I guess most of the photographs are fake. Only few of them are genuine. Its hard to tell the fake ones from the genuine ones. But it does not depend on the camera I guess. It just depends on the ghost, whether it wants to be in the photo or not. Sometimes the white stuffs are just reflection of dust particles or light errors.