Has anyone ever embarassed themselves...

@shell94 (990)
September 28, 2008 10:15am CST
Has anyone else out there ever embarassed themselves by performing on stage? I did this one time when my cousins and I were doing Karaoke at my Aunts birthday party.We had a few drinks and were a bit crazy.... All was in good fun though...
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28 Sep 08
I was performing a song I wrote that had been translated in another language by one of my teachers in hig school who wanted me to sing it at a school concert. Used to accomapnying myself but worried about forgetting the foreign words, a friend accompanied me. I somehow got started in the wrong key and even though I restarted it over again, still couldn't get into the right key. Embarrassed, oh yeah.
@shell94 (990)
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29 Sep 08
I guess that most of us have been a tad embarassed at least once.
27 Nov 08
Oh I had a very embarrassing moment in my life. I was fifteen years old at that time, I was asked to sing a love song at the stage which I did. I was singing with all my emotions in it, I heard the crowd clapping their hands I think they liked it. When I nearly finish the song, somebody came up to the stage with a bunch of flowers and give it to me with a kiss and the crowd were like shouting or laughing and clapping their hands more loudly. I went down from the stage straight away and didn't finish it to the end. I was very embarrassed, not because I didn't finish the song, not because I was being kissed in a public but because the person who did it was very ugly!Hehehehehe