How do you feel when do one replies to your dicussion?

September 28, 2008 1:32pm CST
I feel realy disapointed when no one responds to my discussion. And rightly so - what one expects is that atleast some will read and a few will rereply or respond with a comment. But if you find that your effort has been a waste - you feel dejected. Then what should we do? Only restrict our discussions to popular topics and present it with lot of spice? I am still learning things in mylot. I am still learning how to get maximum attention of readers. How should I spice my languge? Please read my stufs and respond with suggestions. How to improve my composition so as to make it curious for the readers?
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@mojcica (1512)
• Slovenia
1 Oct 08
I've started 8 discussions so far and all got responded (at least one respond :)), but I always am a bit anxious to see if people would notice the discussion or not. It's always nice to see a response and disappointing if there isnt one.
@lovenluck (1068)
• India
1 Oct 08
The simpler the discussion the more response you get here at mylot. Spicing it up will just keep users away that's what i feel. I seldom have a discussion which doesn't have a reply and these days even 3-4 replies dejects me.Most of our discussions are well thought of and we indeed feel sad when we don't get replies. We create a discussion with the expect ions of getting some good response and when we don't get that we sure feel dejected. just need to be patient here and learn the art of mylotting.
• Australia
1 Oct 08
i would have felt really disapointed because it makes you feel like your work has gone unappretiated or something along those lines. But when lots of people do reply i would feel extatic, but at the moment, all my discussions have been answered by atlleast 1 person wish i think is great, people care i guess. I am ne to mylot,ive been hre for a few days and everything has been great espeacialy when people keep comeing back to your discussions more then once. i hope mylot works out for you! ~happy MyLotting~
@Docdocdee (123)
• Philippines
29 Sep 08
i feel happy of course if someone replies to my topic. out of five topics i made only 1 got many replies. it is really a bit disappointing though. i think you must post a topic which is new and what is currently happening. you may also relate to others to catch their attention.
• Malaysia
29 Sep 08
Don't feel disappointed my friend, how about before you start your own discussion, you respond others friend discussion first. Be friend with other, give a good respond, from here you'll make a group of network which mean they do recognize who you are in their discussion and they will respond if you start your discussion, cheer up!! :)
• United States
28 Sep 08
I take everything in stride. I know that not everyone will want to discuss some of the same things I want to, and that's okay. That's the beauty of mylot. You can talk about pretty much everything here. As to getting more people to respond, well, that is hard to pinpoint to specifics. One day the popular discussions may be political in nature. The next they are funny one. I find that if I am myself when starting a discussion, then I've done my part. I then leave it for my friends here and others to find. Remember that there are a lot of discussions being created everyday. Sometimes it just takes time to find a discussion you want to answer.
• Poland
28 Sep 08
Yes I also feel very disappointed, especially when it's a serious matter or something important to me ^^" But every person is different and enjoy different things, I also pick those topic I like and know how to respond to it. I'm more sad when no one reply on one forum where I add photos of my dolls - it took me 2 hours to arrange everything and take pictures, and yet only one person answered after a week... ^^" But as above, not everyone enjoy same things!