could it be? 247bux turn into a scammer?? i hope im wrong though

@pau_79 (793)
September 28, 2008 6:18pm CST
As of this moment I still cant connect to 247 bux, Im not worried though coz I havent invested a single cent but saddened coz I really though they will be a good site with paypal options and all. But I just wonder how the site earns--i check ads--its all url link of indymom, and there was a time 6 ads are forums. Then the upgrade is only $20 for a year plus you get 5 referrals--very good--too good actually-that i started to check ads. I think this is an innovative way to lure members to invest and run away --they justpay for a month or so--very fast--very convincing then people upgrade then later on the site become inacessible--baaam! theyre gone with no word or advice why they are down for 2 days --but I could be wrong -this is just purely my observation mylotters- youre input will be greatly appreciated esp by newbies trying PTC
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