jealousy fact or fiction

September 28, 2008 9:07pm CST
To tell u the truth i believe its fiction relationships r suppose to be built on trust faithfullness and honesty. The problem with that is that one of those will be written to be jealousy. Maybe its not jealousy its called mistrust of ur partner. Is there a reason to be that way? You can tell me that in ur own words. But the problem is u need to think about it truthfully. Cuz some people use jealousy as a way of saying there is something wrong in the relationship. And there is something wrong. The trust has been broken somewhere. Thats the problem with relationships b4 u get into one think real hard about ur back and ur so called partner and then people will start understanding y some guys and some women mistrust there partner not jealousy just a lack of trust. The question is do u really know who your partner is?
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29 Sep 08
Exactly. I was in a pretty serious relationship a few years ago where I was constantly being nagged and called jealous. When you begin a relationship, the relationship is pure. Neither of you know the other person and the proccess of dating starts. In the days, months and years you're together, there are a series of events that take place. Everyone has their insecurites but if the other embraces them right, those insecurites will go away. When the trust is broken within the relationship, that's when problems will start. For instance, let's say he broke my trust and it involved another female, of course from that point on I'm going to experience moments that make me seem jealous to him. Everyone has the ability to be jealous of other people for their physical attributes or many other things. Still, that shouldn't affect the relationship unless you're given a reason to feel that way. These people that batter the person who loves them by taunting them with the words, "you're jealous", need to sit back and remember what they may have done to make the other person feel that insecurity or that worry in the first place.