Is it true that the sight of Hell can kill a man?

United States
September 29, 2008 1:21am CST
I heard that somewhere in a book, can't remember the name. Is it true though? I guess that means Hell looks so bad that its unlike any nightmare we've ever envisioned before.
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29 Sep 08
actually hell is a place for the evil doers..if your trying to seek a true answer..indeed go to this sight..try to ask him.. because i can explain it all to can ask any question if you like..,,
29 Sep 08
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• India
11 Dec 08
Dear Handsome, I just don't understand how the sight of hell could kill a man, for is it not only after dying that man goes to Hell if he is not eligible to be in Heaven?
• United States
29 Sep 08
The bible says that hell is a place of torcher for unsaved sinners. When someone goes to hell not only is their soul going to hell but also their body. They are being burned and torchered down their and they can fell it and also are a live in hell. But hell is beyond any nightmare anyone can have.
• Philippines
29 Sep 08
i've read a lot of books about hell and the most precise one is "the hell is real" by mary baxter! (it is available in christian bookstore) the story is about,of course, in hell! Jesus showed to her while she was praying in her room and she was taken by HIM into a place where she wouldn't want to go...and it is in hell.. in her book, she compared the hell in human has arms,feet,belly and the heart...and she described it as the most of the most scariest thing thatshe had seen in life! the fire there never quenches and the worms that never die...they torture the people who did not believe in Jesus Christ while they were still living here on earth... and in her story, she said that if Jesus was not there on her side, she would die because of the terrible things that she saw..! this space is not enough to tell you the whole story but im telling you that hell is the most scariest,terriblest thing that you will ever see in your whole life... ther is no love in it,no peace,no joy, no beautiful thing that could be seen in hell...the people themselves also kill each other..everyone is thirsty and everyone is dying...they are burning not only one hour, one day, one week, one year, one thousand year but they will be dying eternally!!! so if you want to save your soul,..accept Jesus as your savior and Lord.,believe that He is risen, and confess your sins upon Him!!! that's easy if you only say it with all your heart... Mary Baxter was almost dying even though she had only seen the how much more pain could the people feel who are in hell?? there is no more salvation once you go in hell!!!