hmm..what is the meaning "NEW YEARS RESOLUTION FOR YOU"??

September 29, 2008 4:52am CST
a new life??a change of lifestyle??a motivation for you???renewal of person or attitude??? what is the meaning for you of that NEW YEARS RESOLUTION FOR YOU?? i believe that whenever you try to change your life or renew it..your just failing to change your style..hmm..almost people always saying in my new year resolution i will not take cigarettes anymore never drink anymore..etc..but still they just repeatedly do it..hayz..what a drag.. WHAT CAN YOU SAY ABOUT THAT??do you think i am right or wrong??hmm..
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• Philippines
29 Sep 08
Well, if you speak of new years resolution this are the traits or things in yourself that you want to change or improve in the coming year. For example, if you are fat then some fat people's new years resolution is to be slim and sexy the next coming year by having discipline theirselves from eating . Me, my last year's new years resolution is to change my bad traits into good traits. Atleast i have achieve some of this goals.
29 Sep 08
"at least i have achieve some of this goals" but not perfect right??hmm..everybody who had a promise a new years resolution..they cannot fulfill it all..they actually failed in doing those promises..hmm..history repeat it self..indeed they all failed..