how do we go about living life to the fullest?

@mapi26 (549)
September 29, 2008 5:29am CST
i think this is so far the most abused phrase. why? some people don't see the value of it. i mean it's literally taken for granted. ask a man to quit smoking & he'd say i'm living my life to the fullest and i won't be able to smoke when i'm dead. same thing goes with alcoholics, and or drug users and other related situations. so now going back to my question, how do we really live our life to the fullest? is by abusing ourselves to the extent or to the detriment of our health? or living life the way that it should be? any opinions?
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@paid2write (5202)
29 Sep 08
To me, living life to the fullest means that the more you put into life the more you get from it. That does not mean working yourself to an early grave or just doing what you like. I think it means doing your best to live a more rewarding life. If you take care of your health and fitness, you will enjoy a happier healthier life. You should be prepared to work for your money, and not expect people to pay you for not making much effort. You can learn something new every day and become wiser by learning from your mistakes. I think it means appreciating things in your life, not just using it to have a good time. Having gratitude will bring you joy.
@mapi26 (549)
• Philippines
30 Sep 08
i totally agree :)
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17 Oct 08
Hi, Mapi! I like the idea of your topic. I fully understand what you mean by the examples that you gave. As for me, being a mother and wife, I think I can live my life to the fullest by being the best mother and wife to my children and husband. At times when I have been impatient with my children and I started shouting and yelling at them, I swear to God that I feel sorry for myself. After a while when I don't feel very much angry anymore, I hug and kiss my children and make them feel that I really don't intend to shout at them. Same is true with my husband when we sometimes fight. After I realize the situation, I see to it that I make amends and make up. I really don't want to waste my time feeling angry and bitter with the children and my husband. I just talk things over and thanks God, everything turns out okay eventually. Regards, Mapi. Happy myLotting!