which is best computer or laptop?

September 29, 2008 5:44am CST
friends when i thought of this it better to have laptop because its small and have all advantages and no need of 24 hours current if once charged. but pc is big occupies lot of space and even meed DVD writer and all. what's your opinion?
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• Indonesia
1 Oct 08
hi suprabha_77777 nowadays, i prefer laptop than desktop.. i usually take my laptop everywhere..i choose surfing web than gaming.. so it's definitely up to you to choose.. in my opinion, gaming is for dekstop pc not laptop.
@msmell (1378)
• Australia
2 Oct 08
Yeah i am the same I like using the laptop instead of using a desktop because it is so portable you can go anyway with them
• China
29 Sep 08
of course ,what you said is right ,laptop have many advantages than desktop coputer ,at first ,it is very convenient to carry ,and you also can play it even if there are have no electricity ,except this ,you can play games or surf on internet .i want to buy one laptop ,but they may spend me lots of money .so i will buy one when i have enough money.
• India
30 Sep 08
ya it is costly lapto. but now a days laptop are not so expensive. del laptops are there but i don't know how's its quality?
@chowdhri (37)
29 Sep 08
i thing pc's are suit for all works because some works like editing photos and videos lap-top will not suite for working but in desktop it's very easy to work and free and relax working....but lap-top also have some advantages like it can be carry easily through travelling it is very use while is using in field works so i'would support for the both desktop and lap-top
• India
29 Sep 08
so for rough use destop is good thanks.
@ronaldinu (12440)
• Malta
2 Nov 08
It depends on your requirements. Whether you are a person that travels a lot or not. If you travel a not and you need mobility do go for a laptop. Otherwise I would prefer a desktop © ronaldinu 2008
@ddp_dev (184)
• India
29 Sep 08
laptop also has some disadvantage such the speed of the laptop is less than the desktop.according to me desktop is the best.many another things such as sound of the laptop is less than the sound of the pc speakers which you attach.
• Malaysia
29 Sep 08
For me, i prefer laptop more than PC because now days, trend of communication more to broadband, can access everywhere at anytime.. Revolution of high speed infrastructure also support laptop as a best medium for internet access. People now are more to have the information at their finger tips, and consider to shop online or deal with bank to pay bills online. Therefore, laptop or at least smart phone with 3G internet connection is 1st choice to them.
@pimagro24 (1046)
• Thailand
29 Sep 08
If you don't think to take it to any way I think you can use PC but if you want to take them to any way with you I think can use laptop