A listener or a good adviser.

@mayrose (323)
September 29, 2008 6:39am CST
As a friend i think im listener rather than an adviser, because i think im not good at that.I think a person who is problematic or suffering from something just need someone they can talk to, and someone who will listen in all the things that they are going through. And if ever ill be the one who is feeling bad or having a problem i will just look for someone that i can talk to and will understand my feelings. Although i seek advise too, or an idea how to solve my problem, and after that i know what to do with it.
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• Philippines
20 Feb 10
I am a little of both.I am a good listener.I listen attentively to what my friends tell me,especially if they tell me their problems.I am also a good adviser.I give good advices,based on my life experiences and lessons I learned.
@Jasna88 (152)
• Serbia And Montenegro
13 Oct 08
y friends say im all of that. Giving advices or listening is one of my fevorite hobby. Helping people, listening their problems/ dreams/ opinions and talking with them about that and giving advices is something very beautiful, atrleast for me. When i listen to someone, its almost like we become one, its strange, i dont know how to explain that.
@katkat (2379)
• Philippines
2 Oct 08
I’m more of a listener than an adviser to my friends. I am not really good in giving advices to anyone but I manage to give some good advices when I can relate to the problem. When a friend has a problem, I normally listen and be a company in the moment. I would just give advice if she/he asks for it. I think people with problems just want to have a person to tell there problems with and be there to listen.
• Malaysia
29 Sep 08
I think I am a good listener but nor a good adviser also. I just can listen to their problem. I usually don't have idea to solve their problem. I am also not very good i comforting others. I will just listen carefully.